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Our Dogs

Courtney and I built our office with our dogs in mind, they are part of our family and often clients that have dog friendly pooches will bring them with to an appointment at our office.

Here they are from oldest to youngest:

<span>Devan DeHoff</span>

Matilda is a 5 year old black Labrador Retriever and was breed for PTSD soldiers returning from war. She was passed over at 6 weeks old for those assignments and we were able to add her to our family. She is a very good girl and loves to keep everyone smiling.

<span>Brett and Sandy Adams</span>

Pixie is a rescue yellow Labrador Retriever and belongs to Brett, Sandy and family. Pixie is all about the game, so if you see a yellow streak zooming through the office, that would be her trying to get interest in playing ball.

<span>&#160;Ben Everson</span>

Jack is the youngest of the crew and as of this writing (January 2022) he is 3 months old. We’ve yet to learn of all of his personality, but sufficed to say, he’s learning to be tough as his big sisters give him the business every day.