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Client Experiences


INTIAL VISIT – Advisor client relationships are unlike most, they are lifelong. There will never be
a charge for a visit to our office because our fees are derived from investments under
management. During our first visit, you are meeting with me (Ken Bowers, advisor) my wife
(Courtney Bowers, also an investment advisor) and Jenny Haines (our assistant). We are learning
a lot about who you are, what your risk score is (comfort level of investing), what you want your
retirement picture to look like, what you enjoy recreationally, the importance of leaving a legacy
to children and grandchildren, etc. This appointment will also tell me where you might intersect
with our team:
• If you need power of attorney’s, wills, trusts, have special need children etc. This will
intersect with David Finlayson our estate planning attorney.
• If you have potential tax issues from a business, land, rental sale etc. This will intersect
with Devan DeHoff our CPA.
• Are you 65 or older and have never reviewed your Medicare supplement plan, Ben
Everson is our specialist who just deals with supplemental plans, for some clients this
can be an annual visit.
• If you have insurance needs for long term care or excessive cash value in life insurance
plans etc. Brett and Sandy Adams handle all our insurance needs.
• If you or a loved one in your family have a great probability of a long-term care event,
Darla Romero CSA is our team member that has helped several clients and my personal
family find affordable housing and care.
SECOND VISIT – From our first appointment, we have a good idea of what investments you
should look at to help you reach your goals. Our job here is to put these in front of you and
explain all the details, so that you feel comfortable with how these investments work, costs
associated with each investment, what you can expect for each type of product etc.
THIRD VISIT – During this visit, we generally start implementing parts of the plan we’ve put
together, this can take more than a 3rd visit, but every client is unique.
FOURTH VISIT – If you are like many of our existing clients, during this appointment, if you need
help from any of our team members, we have put together time for you all to meet and
complete anything our experts can help with.
AFTER THAT - Congratulations! You are now a client of ours and we take that responsibility very
seriously. This means that as we are actively managing and monitoring your investments, we
schedule time quarterly (preferred in the beginning), semi-annually or annual meetings for us to
meet and make sure we are meeting your expectations.

Darla Romero, Devan DeHoff, Brett Adams, Sandy Adams, Ben Everson, David Finlayson and Jennifer Finlayson are not affiliated with United Planners, and do not provide securities or advisory services. United Planners and its representatives do not provide tax or legal services.